Katrine Hanna is an alumnus of the prestigious Cordwainers: London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins. In 2017, following mentorships with Alexander Wang and Rupert Sanderson, Katrine Hanna founded her own shoe brand.

Born in Australia, to an Australian mother and Lebanese father, Katrine was raised in Dubai. Emerging as a design center, this transformative city was chosen as the quintessential place for the debut launch of the Katrine Hanna brand. 


Through the exploration of fantasy and nature, Katrine’s designs have the transformative power to escape the mundane. Juxtaposition of the surreal with the real is the basis of her inspiration. The shoes are a fantastical allegory expressed through the creation of unique textures and experimental material combinations.

Process and fabrication are key in the creative evolution of the luxury shoes. Paramount to this is the traditional art of shoemaking. Katrine Hanna shoes are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans.


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